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Australia’s Oldest Brick Recycler Est.1975

With more than forty years of service, supplying architects, designers, homeowners, builders, landscapers and shopfitters, we know bricks and can help you get the look you want. We are passionate about bricks and serious about customer service and quality assurance. CONTACT US today about your project.

Our Quality Assurance

Each brick is upcycled to our proprietory Brick Rescue quality standard and then blended to meet architect/customer specifications. The Brick Pit offers customers several grades of recycled bricks:
- Premium Commons
- Builders Grade
- Face Grade
- Paving Grade
- Sandstocks (including convict bricks)
- Graffiti Bricks
- Custom Blends
Big or small, your project deserves the best. Quality assurance is what we're known for. It's who we are. It's what we do.

Our Trusted Name

Looking for a brick recycler with a trusted name and a good track record? The Brick Pit is the one you want, the trusted name in brick recycling with more than 40 years of service. That's a lot of experience, a lot of bricks and a whole lot of happy customers! Count on The Brick Pit for quality, integrity and service.
- specified by architects
- trusted by property owners
- preferred by builders
- insisted on by landscape designers
- sought by designers and shopfitters
Browse our Projects and Ideas & Inspiration galleries and then contact us for assistance with your order.

Our Customer Commitment

Customer service and safety are our top priority at The Brick Pit. We want to give you our very best because we know your project is important to you.
Because the Brick Pit is an active production environment and not a retail showroom, please call (02) 9681 7666 and make an appointment ahead of time so that our expert staff are available to give you the undivided attention your project deserves.

Alternatively contact us and request and appointment via our online form.

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