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Since 1975, The Brick Pit has been supplying architects, designers, howneowners, builders, landscapers and shopfitters with premium, heritage recycled bricks for residential, commercial and landscaping projects. Our projects include custom homes, restaurants, cafes, commercial, retail, and residential complexes, council parks and outdoor spaces, leading education facilities and eco resorts.

Brick recycling in Australia and around the world, is riding a wave of unprecedented growth. As consumer sentiment towards recycling and re-use continues to rise and federal, state and local government bodies actively legislate towards recycling and re-use, the demand for recycled bricks is increasing exponentially.

The Brick Pit is Australia’s oldest Brick Recycler. We are serious about sustainability, the environment, energy and conservation. Our bricks are sourced directly from demolition sites and processed to the Brick Rescue quality standard using ground-breaking, brick cleaning technology developed exclusively for The Brick Pit, before being graded and blended for re-use in new projects.

Our business model is upcycling, the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable form of recycling because it does not destroy the original product. Instead of crushing good, reusable bricks as demolition waste, we recycle them for re-use in new projects. We’re proud of that!

Keith Carqueville, owner of The Brick Pit since 2007, saw the shift towards sustainability, conservation and the environment long before recycled brick was considered cool and fashionable. As a result of his vision, The Brick Pit is a leading innovator, known and respected for;

  • campaigning for the re-use of brick instead of destroying it by crushing,
  • creating superior products and innovative blends for continually increasing demand in the marketplace,
  • establishing quality standards in recycled bricks that can be confidently specified by architects.

Some of our notable projects are the Google Headquarters in Pyrmont, Wollongong University Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (6 Star Green Star Rated) and iAccelerate building, Sandstone Point Hotel (QLD), Sydney Olympic Park Jacaranda Square, numerous HIA and MBA award winning homes and multiple installations within the Merivale Group’s empire including Ivy, Mr Wong, Coogee Pavilion, Papi Chulo and the Hemme’s private residence.

The Brick Pit believes that the re-use of brick when buildings are demolished must be the priority of every local council, demolisher, architect, developer, property owner, builder and landscaper – without exception. Anything less is irresponsible. Our Brick Rescue initiative, exclusive to The Brick Pit, has been developed with this in mind.