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About The Brick Pit

Keith Carqueville

Keith Carqueville

Long before recycled brick was considered cool and fashionable, owner, Keith Carqueville saw the approaching wave of sustainability, energy, heritage and the environment and caught the vision.

Today The Brick Pit is at the centre of Australia’s great love affair with recycled brick and is proud to be Australia’s oldest Brick Recycler.

The Brick Pit (est.1975) has more than 4 decades of service to architects, homeowners, builders, designers, landscapers and shopfitters and leads the industry with numerous award winning and notable projects in Australia and overseas.

The Business Model

The Brick Pit’s business model is upcycling for reuse. When pre-1950s brick structures are demolished, irreplaceable historic bricks are rescued and upcycled for reuse in new projects.

Upcycling is unique in that it does not involve the destruction of the original product in order to produce a new product. For this reason it is the highest, most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable form of recycling in the world. It also preserves the irreplaceable heritage bricks from which our nation was built.

The Brick Recycling industry in Australia is riding a wave of unprecedented growth as federal, state and local government bodies actively legislate towards the recycling and reuse of demolition and construction materials. As consumer sentiment towards recycling and reuse continues to rise, the demand for recycled bricks is increasing.

The industry worldwide is historically grossly under-developed and lacking automation. With recycled bricks increasingly being specified by architects, it was clear that industry-specific technologies to modernise and automate the business processes, increase production, reduce risk and establish quality standards for the industry were desperately needed.

In January 2014, Keith formed his design team – a group of engineers skilled in a variety of disciplines – and together they began the task of developing an automatic brick cleaning system.

Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog P2 Series

Brick Rescue Environmental Technology

Today, every recycled brick from The Brick Pit is upcycled via the Brick Rescue Environmental Technology automated process that is unique to The Brick Pit and provides a level of quality unmatched in the industry.

In a world increasingly pre-occupied with sustainability, the environment, energy and heritage conservation, the development of this ground-breaking technology has established a quality standard for recycled bricks that architects can confidently specify…….and they do.

The Brick Pit supplies recycled bricks in Australia and overseas for custom homes, restaurants, cafes, commercial, retail, and residential complexes, council parks and outdoor spaces, leading education facilities and eco resorts.

Award winning and notable projects include the HIA 2016 Home of the Year, Google Headquarters in Pyrmont, Wollongong University Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (6 Star Green Star Rated), Sandstone Point Hotel (QLD), Sydney Olympic Park Jacaranda Square, The Grounds of Alexandria and multiple installations within the Merivale Group’s empire including Ivy, Mr Wong, Coogee Pavilion, Papi Chulo and the Hemme’s private residence.