Awards & Media

6 Star Green Star rating for SBRC

Cox Richardson Architects specified The Brick Pit to supply all recycled brick for the prestigious 6 Star Green Star rated Sustainable Buildings Research Centre at Wollongong University. The recycled clay brick commons utilised in 100% of the external walls in either cavity brick or reverse brick veneer applications were the obvious choice to meet the demands […]

The re-purposing of Paddington Reservoir

Paddington Reservoir Gardens is the re-purposed site of a historic water reservoir which accepted water from the Botany Swamps pumping station for supply to parts of Sydney between 1866 and 1899. The Reservoir was originally constructed in two stages, completed in 1866 and 1878. The water chambers were built below street level with a grassed park above, […]

Hillsong Church Recording Studio

The stunning recycled brick interior of Hillsong’s new recording studio is displayed to perfection in the acoustic bonus track videos recorded for their new album, ‘There Is More’. We are always intrigued when recycled brick finds its way into a project that is niche and a bit different and Hillsong Church’s new recording studio was […]

The Brick Pit featured on Australia’s Best Houses

Recycled brick from The Brick Pit creates an eye-catching and environmentally functional feature in this multiple award winning home by Thirdson Constructions, Queensland. A wall of recycled brick, peppered with graffiti bricks in green and blue, forms the central spine that runs the length of the house. The wall of solid recycled bricks provides thermal mass, catching […]