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Brick Grades

Brick grades are based on the shape or form of the brick only and have nothing to do with the colour of the brick. During the upcycling process, every brick is hand-inspected and individually graded. This ensures that you get the right brick for the job. See our brick grade definitions below.

Paving Grade – Paving grade bricks are judged on the top surface of the brick as it would appear as a tread, laying on the flat or the bedding surface of the brick. As the name implies, these bricks are generally used for the paving of driveways, paths, courtyards, etc. A paving grade brick ensures that all four corners of the brick are intact as viewed from the top of the brick.

Face Grade – Not to be confused with the term, “Face Bricks”, face grade bricks are judged on the quality of at least one face as it would appear in a wall.  A face grade brick generally has sharper corners and edges and a lower level of chipping on the face of the brick.  Face grade bricks are sold only on special order.

Builders Grade – Builders grade bricks are generally those bricks that do not meet or make the grade of either paving grade or face grade.  Generally these bricks are more distressed and present a more rustic look due to the increased chipping of the brick.  Builder’s grade bricks are generally used for render walls, footings, foundation work etc. where colour or shape is not critical. No colour spec is allowed on this brick and basically any colour can be sent to the customer.

Combo Grade – Combo grade is a combination blend that includes bricks from each of the other three grades.  This grade is often specified for feature walls where colour is the main criteria, not necessarily the shape of the brick.

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